M.I. Hummel Collection Software


M.I. Hummel Collection Software


M.I. Hummel Collection Software V-11

The M.I. Hummel Collection Software is the ONLY officially-licensed collection software by M.I. Hummel. One of our newest versions to our collectors' software inventory, the Hummel Collectibles Inventory sports a new look, along with additional in-depth fields and reports for the avid collector.

Our M.I. Hummel Collectibles software was developed through collaboration with several serious collectors. Their input provided vast knowledge, experience and relevant details that were crucial in designing a software program that thoroughly accommodated any Hummel collector's needs. Whether a new or long-term collector, this is the software you've been waiting for.

  • PRELOADED INFORMATION - You'll find multiple inventory fields preloaded with information pertaining to the Hummel collectibles, including numerous drop-down fields that enable you to select information instead of typing. The information for these fields was gained through collaborative collectors. {See Inventory Field Details listed in right column.}
  • UTILITY MENUS - Utility menus within the software let you maintain and update fields as new additions or retirements occur within the M.I. Hummel collectibles. By enabling editorial functionality, there's no need for costly upgrades. This is but one way we keep your costs down and make the software even more affordable for our Hummel-lovingfriends.
  • COLLECTIBLE PHOTO UPLOADS - You can upload any two photos (image files) to each of your inventory items.
  • SEARCHABLE INVENTORY DATABASE - There are many search tools pre-built in the software that help you quickly locate any item within your collection.
  • COPY INVENTORY RECORD - Have more than one of the same collectible? No problem. Complete one item and click 'COPY RECORD' and all the details are carried over into a new inventory item - that you can alter as needed.

As a licensed user of MMC our software, you can add upcoming collectible events to our website, plus wanted items, buy, sell, or trade of their collectibles at no charge.

Each MMC Collectible software program is a Windows-based program and will work on all Windows formats from Windows 95 through Windows 8.0. It has been designed and thoroughly tested for ease of installation by all age groups.

Inventory Field Details:
  • Hummel Number
  • Hummel Name
  • Style
    • Figurine
    • Plate
    • Ornament
    • Ashtray
    • Book End
    • Candle Holder
    • Candy Box
    • Music Box
    • Clock
    • Plaque
    • Lamp
    • Miniature Figurine
    • Water Globe
    • Miscellaneous
  • Edition
    • (CE) Closed Edition
    • (CN) Closed Number
    • (EE) Exclusive Edition
    • (OE) Open Edition
    • (PFE) Possible Future Edition
    • (RE) Retired Edition
    • (TW) Temporarily Withdrawn
  • Hummel Size
  • Material
    • Ceramic
    • Earthenware
    • Resin
    • Glass
    • Metal
    • Porcelain
  • Trade Mark
    • TMK 1 Crown Mark
    • TMK 2 Full Bee
    • TMK 3LS Lg Stylized
    • TMK 3SS Sm Stylized
    • TMK 5
    • TMK 6
    • TMK 7
    • TMK 8
    • TMK 9 - German Made
    • TMK 9 - Not Made in Germany
    • Unknown / Unsure
  • Original Box
  • Limited Edition #
  • Country of Origin
  • Manufacturer
    • Goebel
    • Manufactuer Rodental
    • ARS Ag
    • ARS Edition
  • Dates
    • Purchase Date
    • Issue Date
    • Retired Date
  • Distributor
  • Name of Store
  • Purchase Price
  • Current Value
  • Sold Price
Detailed Reports include:
  • By Piece Name
  • By Reference #
  • By Distributor
  • Hummel Number
  • Material
  • Style of Piece
  • Trade Mark
  • Edition
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Inventory Quick List
  • Purchase Record Report
  • Insurance Record Report

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