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Manage My Collectibles (MMC) has developed over 240 titles of software programmed for specific collectors and their collections.

These software programs have been developed to help collectors manage their often vast collections for better record keeping as well as insurance purposes. Since 1999, our programs have been developed in close cooperation with collector groups. This means extensive research and collaboration to ensure that the most valuable information is gather for a specific collectible. Manage My Collectibles software is a Windows based program that will run on Windows platform from Windows 95 to Windows 7.0. MMC saves collectors time and protects their investments by creating an easy-to-use database record of their collections. This electronic record is invaluable in determining value, missing pieces of a set and being able to create hard-copies for insurance and personal records. Our mission is to create an affordable and easy to manage software solution for collectors to keep an up-to-date inventory of their collections for both insurance and personal records. If you don't see a title for your collectible let us know! We're always looking for new ideas and are happy to work with avid collectors to create a new solution! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at info@managemycollectibles.com. Manage my Collectibles, LLC. NOTE: Manage My Collectibles, LLC  is not affiliated with any of the companies reflected in our software.

Recent Review of our software by a model railroad magazine Manage My Model Train Collection Version 11 is available on download. Published by Manage My Collectibles LLC, of Wisconsin for $29.95. There seems to be many model train inventory management programs on the market today. They range in price for a few dollars into the hundreds. This one is on the low end as far as price but seems to be on the high end when it comes to versatility.Upon starting the program you are presented with six menu options including an owner registration screen. This screen is unique in that it does not actually register you as a licensee of the program as most programs do but is ultimately used to personalize some of the reports you generate in the program.The main menu item on this screen is the Inventory Entry menu. This is where you enter information on the pieces of trains in your collection. This screen contains twenty-five fields of which only one, the record number self-populates. You can enter whatever you wish in the remaining fields. (The illustration with this review is of the inventory entry screen.) Over half of these screens have drop down menus that are populated by you through the other menu items on this screen. Two of the fields on this screen are for a description and operating features. I doubt that you will ever even come near to filling these fields as they both allow over 65,000 characters. The program also allows the addition of two pictures to each record. I was able to add records in JPG, BMP and WMF formats. I am guessing that you could probably also add pictures in JIF, GIF, and TIFF although I did not attempt those formats. One thing one must keep in mind with this and most inventory programs is that they only add a pointer to the location of your pictures – not a copy of the picture. You will lose the pictures “attached” to a record if you move the picture from the directory they were in when you “added” them to the record.The next menu option is the Train Date Entry menu. Clicking on this option leads you to another menu containing seven additional menu selections where you can enter information on prototypes.Option four is the Model Data Entry menu. Here one can enter information on distributor, manufacturer, series, material, condition, and where a specific piece is located.If that isn’t enough the next option leads you to thirty different reports. I found this a bit interesting in that if you wanted to know how many red pieces you had in your collection there is a report that will tell you that!We all have certain pieces that we wish we had in our collections. The last option allows one to create their own personal wish list including item number, retailer – which could be used to list a manufacturer instead, cost, and remarks.Any additions made through the Train Data and, Model Data menus are then available in the many dropdown selection boxes on the Inventory Entry screen.I found this program easy to install and very easy to use. If you are looking for a toy train inventory program that is powerful yet simple to use I suggest you investigate Manage My Model Train Collection. I intend to use it.If you are looking for a plastic village inventory program, one is in the design stages per the publisher. It will be a collaboration of the publisher and members of the PCA.

Manage My Model Train Collection is available on from direct download to your computer by Manage My Collectibles LLC, Wisconsin, US  www.managemycollectibles.com. The cost of the software is $29.95.

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Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like this new Version 10 software for my Wee Forest Folk collection. It is Great!!! I'm still in the process of re-entering my whole collection but I'm loving how it looks and it is so easy to insert a photo. Sometimes people write just to complain so I wanted to let you know how I think you did a great job and I love the new software. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

Best Regards, Pam N******

Great transaction, super fast email of download, a pleasure to do business withCode 3 Fire Collection Inventory Software System Thank You so very much.Precious Moments Collection Inventory Software System A+++++GREAT TO DO BUSINESS WITH I CAN’T BELIVE THIS SOFTWARE!Wee Forest Folk Inventory Software System Great transaction wonderful aircraft program. Thank youModel Aircraft Inventory Software System HI TOM: THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND OVERALL CONSIDERATION IN THIS TRANSACTION. THIS IS WONDERFUL SOFTWARE AND YOU ARE WONDERFUL TO TAKE THE TIME AND HELP ME WORK WITH IT. IT IS SO NICE YOU HAVE THE PATIENCE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS NOT THAT COMPUTER SAVEY!Anri Collectible Inventory Software System very good seller and an outstanding program , thanksCode 3 Fire Collection Inventory Software System Quick in response. Downloaded with no problems. Thanks!!!Collectible Doll Inventory Software System GREAT SOFTWARE SELLER, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP.Franklin Mint Inventory Software System It will take some time to learn and to input info - not sure when I'll fully use it but I can’t believe how nice this program is!Painted Ponies Collection Inventory Software System Super nice and helpful business owner, fast download and awesome software thanksJust the Right Shoe Inventory Software System An Asset to all Collectors, fast Delivery, A very nice person .GREAT COMMUNICATION A+Painted Ponies Collection Inventory Software System Good communication, easy to down load very detailed softwareModel Horse Collection Inventory Software System Very very, nice software program. Tom tried very hard to help as needed. Where do you get your patience?Fontanini Collectible Inventory Software System GREAT SOFTWARE SELLER, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP. WONDERFUL PROGRAM!Franklin Mint Inventory Software System Great seller just as it should be. An American company with such an outstanding product!Beswick Horse Collection Inventory Software System Super nice detailed program, Quick in response. Downloaded with no problems. Thanks!!!Dept 56 Collection Inventory Software System Thanks for the great software. A+++++Dept 56 Collection Inventory Software System What wonderful PEZ software. I can’t believe how detailed it is. Great transactionPEZ Inventory Software System I can’t Believe this software, Wow!Anri Collectible Inventory Software System
Amazing new software for us Beswick collectors, everyone must get one! Thank you
Beswick Horse Collection Inventory Software System

good communication; download difficulties worked out; would repeat businessSeraphim Angel Inventory Software System
Great communications, good price for good product!Olszewski Collection Inventory Software System

Texaco Memorabilia Inventory Software System

Highly recommended
Royal Copenhagen Inventory Software System

Great system and great person to deal with
Code 3 Fire Collection Inventory Software System

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Wee Forest Folk Inventory Software System

Very Pleased w/Purchase! An EXCELLENT person to buy from! great communication!!!
Diecast Inventory Software System

Fast Delivery. Good Communication. Positive ExperienceWee Forest Folk Inventory Software System Tom, I downloaded the software yesterday morning. I had enough time to get it downloaded tried it out for a short time to explore some of it before I had to go to work. The software is great, I will actually start adding my ponies this weekend, from what I see at this point I can't say enough great things about it. Sincerely Mike Tom, I've got it downloaded and everything is fine. I'm going to leave you positive feedback, but I wanted to send this to you from here for help in marketing this to other JTRS collectors. JTRS is a woman's miniature shoe collectible. There is a website "justtherightshoeinternational.com." There is over 300 members, all over the world. I'm a member of this group, and they're asking me how I like your program and is it easy to download etc. It looks like a very nice program, and I love the Obsession Shoe Desktop Icon. Sincerely, Deirdre And again, thank you so much for helping me. I know it was late when I got started.