Stamp Collection Software

Stamp Collection Software


Stamp Collection Software V-11

We are happy to introduce our newest version of this Stamp Collection Software Version 11. It sports a new look, more in depth fields and more reports. This Stamp Collection inventory software was developed specifically for maintaining your Stamp Collection collection. This software records all information pertaining to your Stamp Collection including numerous drop-down fields with preloaded information about your specific piece. The information for these fields was developed with the input of several collectors, clubs, and collector groups. Information for these fields can also be added by the user. These fields can also be changed/modified by the user so costly updates to the user would not be needed. Up to two pictures can be added to each Stamp Collection and are also displayed on the many reports available to the user. The program also includes direct internet links to numerous Stamp Collection websites. This program is extremely easy to use for all collectors.
This Stamp Collection Software helps collectors:
  • Organize
  • Inventory Management
  • Archive
  • Document
  • Catalog
  • Record Keeping
  • Create a Database
This Stamp Collection Software also enables collectors to quickly and easily:
  • Create Records for Each Collectible
  • Upload Your Own Pictures
  • Create Detailed Reports with one click

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